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Upcoming 2021 Training Programmes


Here you can find information about training activities offered by ARMTI, as well as, more information on the development of training programmes

Also, prospective participants can download the ARMTI brochure and browse through the available course in the 2021.

Upcoming Courses

ARMTI offers a large selection of face-to-face and blended courses. If you are looking for a specific course, download the brochure.

List of Upcoming Courses for the Year 2021

Below is a list of some of the courses offered by the institute

  1. Farm Business Planning and Management
  2. Financial Literacy for Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development
  3. Management of Agricultural Commodity Value Chain for Agribusiness
  4. Report and Memo Writing
  5. Workshop on Participatory Gender AuditĀ 
  6. Computer-Based Office Management Skills Development Programme for Personal Assistants and Secretaries
  7. Effective Livestock Extension Methods
  8. Effective Management of Rural Infrastructure for Community Development
  9. Agricultural Business Planning and Implementation Management
  10. Basic Skills for Cashiers and Account Clerks of Micro-Finance Institutions
  11. Management of Extension and Advisory Services
  12. Management of Cooperative Society for Sustainable Development
  13. Effective Records and Information Management … and more.
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