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Peeping At The Research And Development Centre: IAR Is Perfecting Agricultural Products Development

Prof M.K Othman (PhD)
Research is the key to unlocking the huge potential and bridging the productivity gaps in various commodities in the Nigerian agricultural production system. Under the auspices of the Federal Government, Nigeria has 14 commodities-based Research Institutes and four Agricultural support service providers and coordinating and supervisory body. These do not include states owned agricultural research institutes. As part of Nigerian structure to develop agriculture, the 14 commodities-based NARIs are mandated to genetically improve their mandate crops, develop their improved production, processing and utilisation technologies as well as developing preventive and curative measures against environmental hazards associated with farming system. Each of the 14 NARIs were allocated commodities, with which they have comparative advantages based on their ecological locations. All the major agricultural commodities being produced in Nigeria are covered by these NARIs. Similarly, the four NARIs, providers of Agricultural Support Services are NAERLS Zaria, NCAM Ilorin, ARMTI Ilorin and NVRI Vom near Jos. The major mandate of NAERLS is to provide Extension and Liaison Services, NCAM has a major of developing technologies for Mechanising Nigerian Agriculture while ARMTI is mandated to identify managerial needs/problems and develop appropriate interventions to address them. VOM is mandated to identify animal diseases, develop their treatment and control, and production of animal vaccines against diseases.

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