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Training Technology

The Training Technology Department is a faculty department saddled with the responsibility of assisting ARMTI to fulfill part of its mandate of management information dissemination and contributing to policy formation for agricultural and rural development in Nigeria.
Specifically the services of the Department include to:

  • provide relevant audio-visual materials; to facilitate training and stimulate learning;
  • organize seminars on topical issues towards influencing policy formation for the agricultural sector;
  • conduct applied management research, special and diagnostic studies;
  • disseminate management information;
  • contribute to policy development to enhance better management of agricultural and rural sector in Nigeria; and
  • provide management training on research, consultancy and audio visual production management.

The Department discharges these functions through its four Divisions


The Division conducts micro and macro studies in line with the mandate of the   institute.  Studies of this nature explore new challenges and opportunities in agricultural and rural sector. The division will in addition to other things, carry out these functions:

  • Collect Research Data
  • Organize and prepare background papers for Research proposals.
  • Drafting of Research and Project proposals.
  • Compilation and interpretation of Research Data and Reports.
  • Contribute to the development of course materials through research and analytical input.
  • Provide research and analytical inputs in consultancy projects assignment
  • Initiates the review of research policies and programmes
  • Assisting in training delivery on research related topics.

ARMTI library provide library services to its clients (participants, faculty members, researchers, students) the general staff and members of immediate community interested in accessing library facilities.

ARMTI Library services include provision of access to  information, circulation of library materials, current awareness services, targeted dissemination of information, Information management and scanning, and library orientation for  participants among others.


  • Collection Development
  • Provision of Information and Information resources
  • Circulation of Library materials
  • Current Awareness Services (CAS)
  • Targeted Dissemination of Information (TDI)
  • Reference service
  • Database Management
  • Provision of Conducive environment for studying & Research
  • Library Orientation

The library opens from 8am to 6pm to assist participants who may want to use the library after the working hours.

This division is the arm of the Training Technology Department saddled with the responsibility of providing the following services in furtherance of ARMTI’s mandate:

  • Production of video simulations for training
  • Producing documentaries for training and outreaches
  • Production of electronic modules
  • Media coverage and broadcast of all ARMTI programmes and clients
  • Production of research videos
  • Development and design of learning aids
  • Audio-visual Training and consultancy

Publications Division is the arm of ARMTI that is responsible for packaging and disseminating management information for the development of the agricultural and rural sector in furtherance of ARMTI’s mandates. The major vehicles for this activity are the Institute’s publications which also serve as a permanent record of the Institute’s activities for posterity.

The publications division co-ordinates all publishing activities of the Institute which include:

  • Seminar proceedings. These constitute the outcome of seminars organized by the Institute and consist of the papers delivered and policy recommendations made at the seminars. These papers are a result of intensive specialized research: These proceedings are unique sources of current information and are therefore useful for policy makers, agriculturists, universities and farmers etc.
  • Annual Lecture proceedings. This is an expose on salient issue in the agricultural sector by a personality re-known for his or her involvement in agriculture or related fields. Also useful for policy makers and practitioners etc.

“JARM” This is the Nigerian Journal of Agricultural & Rural Management- and Journal of international standard on agricultural practices & management. It provides up to date information to agriculturists and policy makers etc.

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