Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute

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Thinking of a suitable place for your next training needs, you’d want to put the following into consideration


The ARMTI Main Campus located in Ilorin is situated 18km outside town in a large expanse of land. The serene environment, lush greenery and beautiful landscape make for a very conducive environment for learning, retreat and vacation. If you are looking for a perfect getaway from all the noise and disturbance of the boisterous everyday life, the ARMTI Campus is your choice. (see gallery). In addition, there is an Abuja campus which provides an option for those who don’ have the luxury of coming all the way to Ilorin, Kwara State.


Although ARMTI’s provides excellent training on general broad based Management for any field of endeavour, it was primary designed for the agricultural and rural sector of Nigeria. Consequently, its courses and trainings are designed to be highly affordable. In fact, ARMTI’s courses are run on strictly cost recovery basis and therefore are the cheapest you can find.(see course list and fees)

Excellent Training

ARMTI’s quality of facilitators and training are unparalleled and widely acclaimed. (see words on marble) The Institute has been proclaimed by many organisations (both local and international) as a Centre of Excellence; a reputation the Institute earns and upholds proudly. In ARMTI, Centre of Excellence is not a slogan, it is who we are.

An Atmosphere of Warm Hospitality

ARMTI provides an unforgettable experience as it regards hospitality. Right from the contact persons a prospective participant calls for enquiry, to the personnel at the gate on arrival and throughout the duration of your stay; every visitor is treated to a dose of warm hospitality by every ARMTI staff you meet. For many, the memory that sticks the most in their minds is this hospitality.

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