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The Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI) Ilorin, was established in 1980 by the Federal Government with a loan from the World Bank to build and strengthen human resources management capacity in the agricultural and rural sector of the Nigerian economy.  The Institute became a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with the promulgation of Decree No. 37 of December 31, 1984, now Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (AMRTI) Act Cap 11 Vol. 1 Law of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990.



  • WORKS: Construction Works
  • GOODS:  Procurement of Farm Tools, Implements and Tractor Spares
  • CONSULTANCY:  Request for Submission of Expression of Interest





Lot 1- Construction of Multipurpose Training Centre

Lot 2- Construction of Farming Skills Development Centres in Agripreneurship for Youth

          Empowerment in ARD

Lot 3-Construction of Micro/Small Entrepreneurship Skill Development/Acquisition Centre for

          Rural Community in 4 States. (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Projects)

Lot 4- Construction of Access Road for Farmers in Umuonenyi and Ekpe in Udi LGA,

            (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Projects)

Lot 5- Construction of Rural Access Road in Southern Avenue Road by AGIP Estate, Rivers

           State. (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Projects)  

Lot 6- Construction of VCD Demonstration Development Centre for Cassava Value Chain

          At Asa LGA, Kwara State (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Projects)

Lot 7- Construction of 6 Nos Mini Motorized Borehole in 6 Communities of Ankpa Omala,

           Kogi State (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Projects)

Lot 8- Provision of Solar Energy to power Water Distribution, E-Library and E-Training






  1. Procurement of Farm Tools, Implements and Tractor Spares.
  2. Procurement of Sewing Machines, Barbing Kits and Accessories  
  3. Procurement of Habigto Tilers 13.0 HNT 1000c






  1.   Human Capital Development for Managing Post Harvest Activities for Nigerian Farmers  
  2.   Training of Women and Youths in Cassava in Onicha and Ebonyi (Zonal     

      Intervention/Constituency Project)

  1.   Agripreneurship Training for Youth Empowerment in ARD (Zonal

      Intervention/Constituency Project)

  1.   Agric Produce Value Chain for Managers of Inputs/Production & Marketing in ARD (Zonal

      Intervention/Constituency Project).

  1.   Farm Business Planning and Management for Graduates. (Zonal Intervention/Constituency


  1.   Training & Empowerment of Ekpeye Women and Youth in various Agricultural Value Chain

      (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)    

  1.   Business/Agricultural Training for Youths and Women in Kwano LGA. (Zonal Intervention/

     Constituency Project)

  1.   Value Chain Development in Cassava/Oil Palm Production in Selected Communities in

      Anambra State. (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)

  1.   Capacity Building for Youths & Women in Agriculture in Cassava VCD in Selected

     Communities in Oyo State. (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)   

  1.  Training & Empowerment of Youths & Women in Agriculture in Anambra North Senatorial

      District in Anambra State  

  1. Training on Fishing Services Anambra North Senatorial District. (Zonal Intervention/

      Constituency Project).

  1. Capacity Building Programme for Women & Youths in Maize/Vegetable Value Chain for

      Farmers in Kebbi and Zamfara State. . (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)

  1. Capacity Building in Agricultural Value Chain Products in Kogi/Kwara States.

     (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)

  1.  Capacity Building for Unemployed Youths and Women in Computer Applications in Okene,

      Kogi State. (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)

  1. Training and Empowerment of Youths and Women in various part of Iruvoba in Ohindase

      Ohikere Community in Okene, Kogi Central Senatorial District, Kogi State.

      (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)    

  1. VCD Demonstration Projects for Cassava Value Chain Development Asa, LGA, Kwara State

      (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)    

17   Training of Youths & Women on Fishery Production in Ankpa, Omala & Olamaboro Kogi

      State. (Zonal Intervention/Constituency Project)

18   Management of Agricultural Commodity Value for Agricbusiness (Zonal

     Intervention /Constituency Project)

19  Training of Youths in Agriculture on Agro Based Value Chain in Ankpa/ Omala

      Olamoboro Federal Constituency Kogi State.(Zonal Intervention/Constituency)

20   Training and Empowerment in various Agricultural Ventures in Sagbama Town, Sagbama

       LGA in Bayelsa West Senatorial District of Bayelsa State. .(Zonal


21   Empowerment and Training of Youths on Vocational  Skill Acquisition in Aleibiri Town,

       Ekeremor LGA in Bayelsa West Senatorial District of Bayelsa State. .(Zonal


22   Agricultural Trade Fair in Sagbama Town, Sagbama LGA in Bayela West Senatorial

      Distrcit of Bayelsa State. (Zonal Intervention/Constituency)

23   Youth Training & Capacity Building for Youth Development in Ogun West Senatorial

       District, Ogun State. (Zonal Intervention/ Constituency)

24    Capacity Building on Agricultural Value Chain in Orelope LGA, Oyo State. (Zonal

        Intervention/ Constituency)

25    Capacity Building on Agricultural Value Chain in Idela, Ifelodun LGA, Kwara State.

       (Zonal Intervention/ Constituency)

26    Training of unemployed Youth and Women in Kogi and Kwara States. (Zonal Intervention/


27    Youth and Women Training in Agriculture in Obokun LGA, Osun State. (Zonal

       Intervention/ Constituency)



Interested and Competent Contractors and Consulting Firms/Individual Consultant wishing to carry out the projects listed under the three (3) categories above are required to submit the following documents in their Technical Bids, which will be subjected to certification and due diligence by the Institute:


  1. Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  2. Evidence of Current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years ending      December 2017;
  3. Evidence of VAT Registration with TIN No. and up-to-date remittance(s);
  4. Evidence of  Compliance with  the National Pension Commission (PENCOM)
  5. Evidence of compliance with the Industrial Training Fund Act. (ITF)
  6. Evidence of compliance with the current Nigeria Social Insurance Fund (NSITF):
  7. Evidence of registration with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).
  8. Evidence of financial capability supported with Bank Reference and Commitment from a reputable Bank;
  9. Detailed Company’s profile with Curriculum Vitae of Key Officers/Profession Personnel, photocopies of relevant  certificates/qualifications including letter of consent from the professional Bodies
  10. Unabridged Company’s Audited Annual Report for the immediate past three (3) years, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  11. Verifiable evidence (Photocopies of letters of awards and  completion certificates) of successful completion of three (3) similar jobs done in the last three (3) years;
  12. Evidence of registration with relevant professional/technical bodies such as COREN, CMD etc for Category ‘A’ and ‘C’
  13. Evidence of Manufacturer Authorization for Category B
  14. Evidence of Remita Payment for Bidding Documents
  15. Sworn affidavit disclosing whether or not any officer of this Institute’s relevant committee on procurement is a Director, Share Holder or has any pecuniary interest in the applicant’s company.
  16. Sworn affidavit of not having any Director of the prospective company convicted for any offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety.
  17. Evidence of ownership of equipment, or lease agreement notarized by court of Law.
  18. All documents for submission must be transmitted with a covering/forwarding letter under the company/firm’s letter head paper bearing among others the Registration Number (RC) as issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Contact Address, Telephone Number (preferably GSM No) and the E-mail Address. The letter head paper must bear names and nationalities of Directors of the Company at the bottom of the page duly signed by authorized officer the firm.


N.B:    The above listed requirements shall form part of the Bids Evaluation Criteria and non-compliance with any of the stated criteria shall result in automatic disqualification of the bidder.


  • Bidding will be conducted through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedure as specified in 2007 Public Procurement Act.


  • Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from the Procurement Unit between 9.00am – 4.00pm (Mondays – Fridays) except Public Holidays at the following address:


Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI),

Km 18, Ilorin-Ajase-Ipo Road, Ilorin, Kwara State.


4.0 COLLECTION OF TENDER DOCUMENTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Qualified Companies are to collect tender document at the Institute’s Headquarters in Ilorin, or

Regional office, No. 41 Daivd Ejoor Crescent, Adisa Estate, Abuja upon presentation of evidence of payment of non- refundable tender fee of Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000.00)  for each Category.


Qualified consulting firms are to download the Terms of Reference from the

Institute’s website Hard copies of the Terms of Reference can also be collected at the Headquarters, in Ilorin.



The Completed Technical and Financial bids are to be submitted in TWO (2) COPIES EACH WHICH WILL INCLUDE ONE (1) ORIGINAL AND ONE (1) COPY.  The documents should be in TWO (2) SEPARATE SEALED ENVELOPES clearly marked TECHNICAL BID’ and ‘FINANCIAL BID’ and both sealed in a third envelope marked with the APPROPRIATE PROJECT TITLE AND LOT NUMBER at the top right hand corner and addressed to the Executive Director, Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI), Km 18, Ilorin-Ajase-Ipo Road, P. M. B. 1343 Ilorin, Kwara State.

5.1      All submissions are to reach the Executive Director not later than six (6) weeks from

          the date of advertisement.  Bids for goods will be opened on the date at 12.00 noon on

          Wednesday, 29th August, 2018 in the Institute’s Conference Hall.

5.2      For consultancy, only short listed consultants will be invited for opening of their financial





Technical Bids will be opened publicly after the deadline for submission already specified above by 12.00 pm on Wednesday, 29th August, 2018 in the presence of Bidders or their representatives, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), CSOs, relevant Professional bodies and interested members of the public at Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI), Km 18, Ilorin-Ajase-Ipo Road, P. M. B. 1343 Ilorin, Kwara State. This advertisement serves as an invitation to Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Anti-Corruption Agencies and the general public to witness the Bid opening.  Only successful Technical Bidders will be invited for the opening of Financial Bids at a later date.



         The Institute will not be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by any interested           party’s in connection with any response to this invitation and or, the preparation or

           submission in response to an inquiry.

7.1    The Institute is not bound to award the contract(s) to any bidder and reserves the right to          

           annual the procurement process at any time without incurring any liabilities.

7.2    Please note that this advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part

           of the Institute to award any or all the above listed project.

7.3    Bids must be in English Language and signed by an official authorized by the bidder

7.4    Bidders should not bid for more than two (2) lots.

7.5    All costs will be borne by the bidders



                                           Ag. Executive Director

                ARMTI, ILORIN

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